Nitro Performing Arts works towards building the stars of tomorrow through all standpoints. The idea is to create a platform for the aspiring performers who have the zeal to accomplish their dreams by way of music and dance. Our trusted team of trainers works towards providing them with a gracious learning environment which helps them in achieving interpersonal skills and developing self-confidence. It also triggers team building exercises in a light and fun setting. We focus on encouraging the adoption of correct techniques of dancing for each of the dance forms to avoid any kind of injuries while performing. Our curriculum includes both theoretical and practical exposure around various dance forms. This motivates an individual to learn about various dance styles which, in turn, helps him or her in choosing a style that fits his or her personality the best. For those with a passion to discover and live dance, our workshops help them adopt and polish the techniques for various dance forms. We believe that it is extremely necessary for a performer to attain a composed and focused approach towards his passion and our workshops help them in achieving a balanced insight for the same.