Lindy Hop is a jazzy, duo dance that jives, jitters and jumps. Born in the jazz age, it was first given its name circa 1927. While newspapers worldwide were reporting Lindbergh’s pioneering aeroplane flight across the Atlantic, at Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, the dancers were creating a new dance they called the Lindy Hop.

The dance was made popular in Britain during the Second World War, by American GI’s stationed in the UK, subsequently adopting the name ‘Jitterbug’. It was danced and performed to the original big band music of the 30s and 40s, and, along with the modern swing music being created today, is still popular among dancers.

he popular style of Lindy that is danced today is really a fusion of many different styles that would have been seen in the Savoy Ballroom on the East Coast and the Dean Collins style Lindy Hop that was popular on the West Coast of America in the 40s & 50s but also takes an influence from a modern West Coast Swing style of dance that was popular in America during the mid to late 90s when Lindy Hop had a large resurgence.