Busted: Dance should come about as naturally as piano, guitar, tennis, mathematics or any other learned skills in the world. It is true that some people will have a better aptitude towards dancing than others, but this is true in all life. To be a good dancer, one needs to just get up and dance.

Busted: Yes there are many great dancers who have oodles and oodles of artistic and creative talent, but dance, particularly partner dance, is also a technical art which is polished and improved through proper guidance and training. Zeal, passion and love for dancing is all that it takes to be a good dancer.

Busted: It is true that young minds learn faster and thus starting early helps but it’s not absolutely necessary to start learning the art of music and dance at a young age. There are many legendary dancers and musicians who recognized their passions in their mid age and yet were able to do a commendable job with their talents.

Busted: Far from it, dance is absolutely an adult activity.  Most dance historians agree that virtually all forms of dance evolved from courtship and mating rituals.  Those roots are still present in most dances today which seek to emphasize femininity in women and masculinity in men.

Busted: They say it takes two to tango, and they mean a woman and a man.  As we stated above, dance originated in mating rituals, so it most certainly is for both men and women.  It is true that in some cultures and in certain dance styles women are more likely to take up dancing than men but that doesn’t change the fact that dance is an art for an individual, irrespective of one’s gender.