History of drums - This page will discuss the history of drums and drumming in a variety of areas in music to communicate a message to influence the mind and release subdued passions. The origins and uses of the drum in the past. The uses today which come from the past may shock and surprise you.

The History of the Drum Set

The drum is one the oldest instruments known and was used by many cultures around the world. Djembe drum Primitive tribal societies used to celebrate victory in battle as well as in ritual dance and worship to their deities.

The original drum was a animal hide stretch over a hollow log which was held by wooden or metal pins or twine to these pins. The drum was used for several functions within various societies. From a long djembe drum in Africa to a timbrel in middle east which looked like a tamborine and a tabor in Europe which lead to the modern day snare drum.

All these plus others from other societies from around the world lead to what is known as the modern day drum kit. This was put together in the early nineteenth century when music began to change and more percussion was needed to a company the changed music trends and the new dancing styles.