What is CHA CHA all about?
Like so many latin dances, the cha-cha originates from Cuba. Originally it was known as a slowed-down Mambo or "the triple Mambo", because of the three quick steps. It gained instant popularity because of its simplicity. In time it evolved into a separate dance, known today as the Cha Cha. It's an energetic and sensual dance.

Why learn?
This dance has wide application because cha cha music is popular in all music genres, including country, funk, and hip-hop. Popular mainstream artists such as Santana, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez are putting out great cha cha music. This is a party dance! Whereas the Rumba might have an intense expression, the interpretation of Cha Cha music should produce a happy, carefree, party-time-like dance expression.

What are the benefits?
  • Can be danced anywhere as it is popular globally.
  • Cha cha music can be found in many music genres - from beach music, to hip hop, to rock and roll.

  • We offer modern street cha-cha & authentic cha-cha at different learning levels- beginner, elementary, intermediate, advance.