What is Bollywood all about ?
Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It's a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It's fun and very expressive and there's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body. Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, and "modern", jazz, and even Western erotic dancing.

Why learn?
Bollywood dances are gaining popularity around the world. People are passionate to learn bollywood dance steps as they are easy to learn and entertaining as well. Hindi Film Dances vary depending on events and occasions. You can see performances like 'Dandiya Dance' on Navratra occasion and 'Bhangra Dance' during 'Lohri & Besakhi'.

What are the benefits ?
  • Boosting coordination and rhythm - Bollywood dancing requires the participant to fully engage with the musical beats they are moving to. This develops the body's natural rhythm, as well as its balance and coordination skills.
  • Developing aerobic exercise - Bollywood dance is incredibly active and provides the body with some great aerobic exercise, boosting the oxygen supply to key muscles and therefore improving muscular resistance over time.
  • Toning the body - The outgoing and expressive beats of Bollywood dance music can't help but get your body moving quickly. This is great for burning off calories and toning key muscle groups such as the calf muscles.
  • Relieving stress - Bollywood dancing provides a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance. As a result, it's great for helping you forget your worries, with dance routines refreshing the mind and blowing cobwebs away.

  • Join us bi-weekly for 60 mins during the week for pure uninhibited fun! Learn the latest moves & choreography on the latest tracks. Adding on with jazz to improve your stamina, strength and flexibility using the accurate techniques of stretching.