What is Bachata all about?
Bachata is a form of music and dance that originated in the countryside and rural marginal neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic. It is usually danced on sad, romantic music. It has elements of the Cuban bolero, Mexican rancheros and corridos, Cuban son, guaracha and guajira, Puerto Rican plena and jibaro, and the Colombian-Ecuadorian vals campesino and pasillo- as well as the Dominican merengue, which was originally danced on guitar-based music.

Why learn?
People who want to learn the Bachata dance need to be open with their emotions to be connected not only with their partner, but also with the choreographer. Having the perfect Bachata dance choreography is not enough if not danced with passion, emotion, and connection from the couple. One of the best things that dancers get from dance routines is confidence, and the Bachata being one of the Latin American dance techniques fall under this. Boosting one’s confidence on the dance floor does not only end there but stays with one’s personality.

What are the benefits ?
  • Allows you to enjoy guitar music as bachata is danced on romantic guitar music as distinguished from guitar music intended primarily for dancing.
  • It is slower than salsa and lets you really connect with your partner, while stimulates one’s mind to harmoniously coordinate with one’s body.
  • Bachata is more open to interpretation and flexibility. Bachata dance serves as a great form of exercise. When dancing Bachata, every muscle of the body is used, from the head, arms, chests, hips, legs, and the feet.
  • We offer different batches for Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Advance & Performance Batches.