Aerial dance is an innovative, artistic sport involving hanging apparatuses such as fabric, trapeze, straps, hammock, and other such devices from beams, tree branches, structures and rods. Here at Aerial Dance Circus we focus particularly on aerial fabric or "silks." Silks involve climbing up a typically poly-nylon blend fabric to engage one's body in various intricate wraps and poses, mimicking feats and postures found in gymnastics and yoga. There is not much documented history in the development and evolution of aerial arts but probably has its origin in India's aerial yoga, done on a pole, and later with the flying trapeze that became popular in circus performances of the 20th century.
Being a professional aerialist requires consistent, vigorous training. Stamina, strength, focus, and flexibility are crucial to a safe and successful experience in the aerial silks. Professionals not only demonstrate skill, but artistic flare as they may embody a character, style, mood, personality or attitude in their performance, invincible confidence, as well as strategic timing of dramatic drops to the accents in their musical accompaniment. Aerialists are commonly found in circus shows, theme parks, night clubs, casinos, and underground art shows held in renovated warehouses. Having aerial performance at any event provides multi-dimensional visual pleasure and emotional excitement as the viewers witness life threatening kinesthetic perfection.