To dance is to feel one's soul .
It is a silent poetry that connects its bearer to the world that exists within him . . .

- Sumit Arora, Founder & Artist Director, Nitro Performing Arts

Nitro Performing Arts is an exceptional dance studio with a belief that 'Dance' is an art that tells a story, expresses an emotion and sets a mood. It was conceptualized in the year 2009, with a pure intent of bringing alive the zeal of dance and music in the potential learners and giving them an elite platform to discover and outshine their own panache. Nitro works with a notion to take the art of dancing and music to every notch and corner of Delhi NCR and various parts of Northern India and for the same; we have congregated a team of national and International artists and instructors from across the globe.

With its chain institutes rapidly mushrooming across the city, Nitro has built up its venerated repute over the years. Our key strength lies in our qualified team of expert trainers in various dance forms like Ballroom, Latin, Western, Traditional and more. All our instructors are trained in various dance forms of their fortes. We work in various batches for different levels to facilitate an easy learning environment for all the aspirant dancers and musicians. Dance and spirits have always had an exhilarating relationship and we at Nitro focus on revitalizing this relationship in every individual who is even slightly connected to this beautiful emotion.

Nitro Performing Arts specializes in well-choreographed dance and fitness workshops and corporate shows all over India. The workshops can be sub-categorized on the basis of the number of days like-a one-day, a three- day or a week-long exercise, depending upon the requirement of the corporate houses. The workshops involve theoretical and practical demonstration of all the dance forms with a proper guide on performance techniques and body postures. We have maneuvered such shows in diverse NGOs in and around Delhi. In order to exemplify the religious conviction of dancing to a greater number of audiences, we provide customized workshops and private classes. We work with the core credence that dance is the language that sets everything straight without uttering a single word.

It is our constant endeavor to support the foundation of music and dance and bring about the learners, performers and teachers to further understand and spread the significance of this fervor by means of our platform. We believe in setting an all new benchmark for every composition and choreography each time as we believe that a true artist has no one but himself as his biggest competitor. Our philosophy goes by the notion that a performer needs to perform better than his previous performance no matter how good the audience thinks he is. There is never a limit to one's art!


Nitro believes that every performer has the right to attempt to achieve their full potential in a learning environment that is non-threatening but at the same time challenging, regardless of their intrinsic talents or abilities. Nitro wants to be an obliging guide throughout their journeys to achieve their dreams.

Our goal is to endow each individual with opportunities, tactics and the enchantment to help them nurture their passion for music and dance throughout their instance at Nitro and beyond. With so many dance institutes coming in light these days, we want to focus on creating necessary awareness around the correct techniques of dancing avoid any fatal injuries. Nitro offers a secure and proverbial environment where friendships and personal integrity are held in the highest regards. We aspire to build a performer and not merely a dancer!


Our mission is to bring alive the ardor of music and dance like never before. With a team full of enthusiastic dancers and performers, we desire to get inside the hearts and souls of every individual across the country and bring out the performer in them. Let there be a lingo of the body which doesn't need to be molded in words. Let there simply be a charismatic ray of artistic essence that crafts better words than any language in the world!